Nano Car Paint Protect 2x30ML

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Protect your paint job and Quick Dip Rubber Paint with this nano cover.

Use it on the dip or just on your car paint for protection.

2 x 30 ml nano cover, fiber cloth and sponge bar along with instruction included.

Nano Car Paint Protect 2x30ML

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INSTRUCTION SHEET (NANO COATING FOR CAR PAINT) Pre-treatment For Car Paint Before Applying Nano Coating Cleaning: Always washing the car by starting from top to low, front to back. Washing the car thoroughly by using clean water. Remove any large contamination from the car paint. Washing the car by using neutral cleaning solution Wash the car thoroughly by using clean water again. Protection for those parts on the corner and edge that no need to apply with this coating and use big towel to cover the front glass of car Polishing Heavy polishing: 3M rabbit hair ball with high damping viscoelastic plate Moving the polishing machine by back and forth 1/2 overlapping. Starting polish at the beginning and slow at the end. Speed should be Controlled to RPM 1500-2000. Avoid high speed to cause new mark due to too hot on the surface. Remove serious scratches. Intermediate polishing: Red polishing sponge - polishing viscoelastic plate Following the above polishing procedures, polish the car by using red polishing sponge. Remove the polishing rotation pattern and moderate scratches. Slight polishing: Black reduction sponge-reduction viscoelastic plate Following the above polishing procedures, polishing the car paint by using black reduction sponge. Remove slight rotation pattern and scratches. Tips: If the temperature is high during polishing, spray a little water-fog. Remove the protection from corner and edge, washing car again and blow the water by using air gun and dry the car by using cloth. Apply Nano Coating on Car Paint Wrap the micro fibre cloth (includes in the box) with sponge bar (included) Starting applying the coating from the front cover. Dipping a few drops of Nano coating on the micro fibre cloth and rub it on the car paint evenly Rub the area one time by horizontal direction and rub the same area one time by vertical direction. Tips :suggest proceeding the coating for 40cm*40cm area each time by using 3-5 drops After rubbing, use another new mirco fibre cloth to rub the coating until the coated area looks very shinning evenly. Tips: Rub the coating by starting from front, top, back side, right side to left side and double check to make sure not missing to apply the coating on any area of car paint IMPORTANT Suggest applying this coating in dust-free workroom and the temperature shoud be between 5-30 Celsius degree Do not directly dip Nano liquid on paint surface. It will be hard to rub Do not touch paintwork within 24 hours. Suggest not using the car for 24hours after coated. Do wash car in 7 day

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